The Blue Riders' Club

- The layman's guide to seducing women

If you are into comedy, having fun, and learning how to pick up women, you've come to the right place. This book is a tongue in cheek look at the art of seduction and the humorous stories that eventuate when the average layman tries to get some action. It is the definitive bible of seduction with classic tips that have been hand-picked from the many and varied global skirt-chasing escapades of Johnny Blue's  'Dirty Dozen of Debauchery'. The Blue Riders' Club is their legacy to women-loving men everywhere.

‘The Blue Riders’ Club’ is a book based on stories from a real-life group of philogynists living in modern day Europe who took their name from ‘Der Blaue Reiter’, an expressionist art movement established in Germany in 1911. The story begins with this posse of hand picked Lotharios assembling to help write a twenty-first century seduction manual to be presented to each of their sons on their twenty-first birthday.

This book is the product of these brainstorming sessions and is an ‘Art of War’ meets ‘Kama Sutra’ style bible of seduction. It blends the philosophical musings of ‘Sophie’s World’, the humour of ‘Sex and the City’, and the sexual candour of ‘50 Shades Of Grey’. It is a ‘boys’ own’ literary rebuttal to the multi-million copy bestseller ‘The Rules’ in a unique mix of the narrative and ‘how to’ genres, loaded with stories of conquest and risqué humour.

The dialogues that introduce each chapter are in the tradition of Plato’s ‘Republic’, although the subject matter and quirky verbal exchanges are more reminiscent of ‘Pulp Fiction’ or ‘Reservoir Dogs’. These humorous slices of sexual banter are taken from actual recorded transcripts of the original Blue Riders' Club meetings which took place in a Parisian bar over a three day period in July 1997.  They make reference to famous artists, writers, scientists and philosophers throughout history and reveal the idiosyncratic thoughts of each character in relation to sex and the art of seducing women. Each virile vignette of  funny pick up stories and classic shagging conquests offers the reader a no holds barred insight into the one track minds of the book's real life  skirt-chasing superheroes.

The novel provides the layman with practical strategies for meeting, attracting and bedding women successfully. Included are field tested methods of approaching and seducing women in any situation, the philosophies and psychology of attraction, and proven tactics for dating. There are detailed descriptions of proven sexual techniques as well as a comprehensive guide to some of the hottest bars and nightclubs around the world. In addition to this eclectic instruction, each player delivers witty personalised tips, opinions and strategies to cover all the possible scenarios a girl-crazy reader may encounter.

A cataloguing record for this book that includes Dewey Decimal Classification and US Library of Congress numbers is available from the Library and Archives of Canada.

 ISBN 1-4120-5252-1




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The Blue Riders' Club is a seduction manual that includes seduction tips and humorous information about picking up women that is laid out in a Kama Sutra meets Art of War style shagger's bible. Included are tips on how to pleasure women, how to kiss women, how to master sexual positions including those sex positions that are more makeshift than normal. Many of the strategies are described in great detail and humour by the experienced lotharios that make up The Blue Riders' Club. This is a bona-fide 'pick up artist's bible' with real stories from the field as the characters are as close to real life professional seduction experts as you can get. The tips and unorthodox tutelage offered up in this 'shagger's almanac' are original and witty, and reveal the secrets of sex and seduction to the average layman. If you are into picking up women and love funny seduction stories, get yourself a copy of the 'Blue Riders' Club' and discover how the experts consistently pick up, seduce and humour women all over the world.